Quality of life

As a New York City Council member, Kenichi Wilson will work tirelessly on quality-of-life issues such as public safety, trash collection, graffiti and various other nuisance complaints. Mr. Wilson believes in The Broken Windows Theory which targets minor crimes to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes. Kenichi is committed to work together with community stake holders and local law enforcement to keep local businesses and residents safe. 

Small Business

Kenichi Wilson understands that small businesses are the backbone and life-blood of our local economy. He will advocate to create and fund programs to lessen the burdens of conducting business here in New York City. Kenichi will support our Business Improvement Districts to assist small businesses with compliance and understand complicated city regulations to avoid unnecessary fees and penalties. Additionally he will fight to stop overzealous city agents from issuing overreaching violations and financially devastating fines to local businesses. Mr. Wilson believes in educating first and issuing fines as a last resort to ensure compliance. Our City should not be an adversary but a sympathetic partner to local business owners to create successful commercial districts and to attract new businesses to freely operate in our community.


As your City Council member, Kenichi Wilson would continue his work with our local schools on behalf of students, parents and teachers. He understands the challenges faced by teachers as they adapt to the education environment. Kenichi has listened to concerns of parents as they help their children adapt and succeed in both in-person and remote learning models. Our schools need resources to create a safe and advanced learning environment. Consequently, Mr. Wilson has assisted in securing funding for security cameras, technology improvements and after school programs. When elected, he will work with the NYC Department of Education to create a comprehensive curriculum, including increasing skilled trade training to provide students to succeed in all their diverse endeavors.